our targets

Provide food packages while creating employment opportunities with small, local companies

With the closing of the land borders, Bali is missing out on much-needed income from international tourism, particularly from Australia, Europe, and China. For the time being, it does not look like the situation in Bali will change in the short term and tourism will resume – at least not until the end of 2021. Therefore, this aid initiative Help 2 Bali was set up by a number of people.

The goal is to help the local population through this difficult time by providing food packages. At the same time, employment is created and the local economy gets a boost. All ingredients and food in the packages are purchased in Bali itself from small, local companies.

Watch the videos below of the Help 2 Bali team and the volunteers of the Balinese Christian denomination of the Roh Kudus Cathedral in Denpasar and convince yourself.

<- The team of volunteers from the Roh Kudus cathedral on the scooter to the kampungs to hand out Help 2 Bali food packages

Hand out food packages in the catacomb of the Roh Kudus cathedral by the team members of Help 2 Bali just before Christmas ->


Your contribution to this charity project Help 2 Bali can really make a difference. With a small donation you can already make an impact on a better life for many families!