Bali hit hard by Covid19 crisis

The Dutch initiative of Help 2 Bali was officially handed over to the local Balinese team on April 1st 2021 and they are now fully supported from Australia.


A donation to Help 2 Bali can save many of these people

The otherwise always thriving and popular vacation island of Bali has been severely affected economically by the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic. For months Bali has closed its land borders to international tourism.

More than 60% of Balinese people depend directly or indirectly on tourism for their income. Due to lack of work, many of them now live in poverty. A great number of family has to live on less than AUS $ 100.00  government money each month plus a small free emergency food supply.

To help the affected Balinese in distressed areas, the Help 2 Bali initiative was born, a collective collaboration between Australian, Dutch and Balinese volunteers. Click on the photos below to see what they collectively want to accomplish with their team.



Your help is also very important

We do everything we can to help the local population and with your support we can achieve even more together. So give your contribution in the form of a donation with which we can pay for food packages. With a small contribution of only AUS $ 2.50, you can help a family with a meal for a whole week and have a warm heart.